PLASMA Workshop # 1, Paris.

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Mapping new voices: towards a Latin American perspective in Global Mental Health”

International workshop. June 26-27, 2017. Paris. France.

                                                 Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord,

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Call for papers (PDF): English version | Spanish version | Portuguese version

Keynote Speakers: Clara Han (Johns Hopkins University), Anne Lovell (INSERM) and Catherine Campbell (LSE)

Interventions by: China Mills (University of Sheffield) and Livia Velpry (Université Paris-VIII).

The workshop aimed to bring together PhD students and early career researchers whose work focuses on mental health in Latin America, from a social perspective.

Specifically, the workshop aimed to:

1. Explore Latin Americas’ contemporary challenges and policy developments in the field of mental health.

2. Provide a space for the exchange of ideas about the theory and analysis of mental health from a social science approach.

3. Contribute to the critical discussion of the place and role of Latin America in the context of Global Mental Health as an area of study, discipline, and normative/political project.

4. Serve as the starting point for the development of an international network of researchers with a focus on mental health in Latin America.

Young Researcher presentations

Luis Torres (CERMES3, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales) Moral treatment in the madhouse of Santiago, Chile: the limits of medicalisation.

Marcelo Valenzuela (Autonomous University of Barcelona) Homosexuality and sodomy in Chile: Theories of medical and penal knowledge between 1885 and 1931.

Karla Ramirez Calligarich & Khalil Rujana Acosta (National University of Colombia) Mental health policy in Colombia: history and implementation failures.

Manuel Capella & Sushrut Jadhav (University College London)  Challenges for public mental health in Ecuador: a preliminary ethnographic analysis. 

Gesa Solveig Duden (University of Osnabruck, Federal University of Santa Catarina) Intercultural psychotherapy with migrants and refugees: an experience from Brazil. 

Gina Donoso (Ghent University) Subjective encounters with victims and survivors of political trauma in Ecuador: reflexivity and countertransference in qualitative research.

Alejandro Castro (Alberto Hurtado University) Narrative Study on people with a psychiatric diagnosis in Santiago, Chile. The voices of madness.

Nicolás Morales (Rovira i Virgili University) The psychiatric reform in Santiago, Chile, since 1968; notes on the political arena of mental health. 

Sebastián Fonseca (King’s College London) A historical analysis of psychiatric research: epistemology from Latin America.

Maria Castro (University of East London) & Steve Melluish (University of Leicester) Cuban mental health and psychological practice in the context of debates around global mental health.